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Need Help with My Digital Studio??

So, you have MDS and now you’re looking for a little help to get started? These classes are perfect for you. You can check them out in my online store, or click for more details to see a blog post that highlights the projects that the classes teach you to make.

What’s so special about these classes? They are packed with all the content of a regular download, but instead of giving you the designed template, we give you a video with step-by-step instruction on how to create the projects from scratch.


Any Year Calendar
(item 136800)



Party Party Ensemble
(item 137116)



For The Home Ensemble
(item 137824)

Ready to check out the Online Classes?? Here’s a link to check them out:

If you go to my online store:  and click “Shop” and then enter the item # (there are more than just the three I have posted here) you will get the download, plus the videos and online class, it’s really quite a bargain!

Let me know what you think!

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