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Hi there stamping friends!

I have set a goal for myself to help two friends purchase the $99 Starter Kit during our amazing Sale-a-bration season! Stampin’ Up! will reward demonstrators who have 2 recruits with 15,000 flex points in our account (that’s like selling $15,000 in product). There is no obligation to sell, have parties, or do anything- if you don’t want to. Really- would you like to buy $155 worth of products, but only have to pay $99?? (that’s right $56 in free merchandise just by purchasing the starter kit during this special).



Who doesn’t love FREE?



Normally our $99 kit includes $125 in products, but until March 30th, you pick $155 in product, and only pay $99.



This flyer has some examples of what you could select, click the photo to see the whole thing!

I am having an Opportuni-TEA party (an opportunity to learn more, have some tea, and have fun) on Saturday February 20th at 1 pm, we will stamp some fun projects using the new “Have a Cuppa” stamp set, and dies bundle. Come have tea, stamp, learn….Anyone interested in purchasing the starter kit, I would LOVE to have you join my team, the Lynnzcrafters!

Wonder what’s so special about being a Lynnzcrafter team member? Here are the ways I like to reward my team: Free monthly stamping get togethers in my home (we celebrate birthdays!), Weekend Crafty retreats (Lake Luzerne),  Lending Library (1-2 weeks depending on the item), mentoring/coaching on stamping techniques and/or business questions, prizes, private Facebook team page, swapping, and more!!

I would love to have you join my team, if you’ve been waiting for a great time to buy the starter kit, now is that time! Let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks for considering this time-sensitive offer. You’d really be helping me out, and again- NO Obligation at all!

Have a great day!


Bingo fun!

Hi there Stamping friends!! Happy Saturday!! I want to share with you my first ever BINGO event that was last night. What a great group of friends gathered together on a cold Friday night stamping and playing Bingo!!  I know everyone had a good time, and many thanks to everyone who attended, ordered, and who brought snacks!! Here’s some pictures​ of our fun night:

Here was the hutch of prizes! The bottom shelf contained six prize bundles- all brand new products- over $225 of prizes (purchased with the registration fees from 12 people who pre-paid to come to the Bingo event).

Here is a close-up of the first prize bundle featuring our new birthday mini party punch pack,  confetti texture folder and new assorted card stock.

Prize bundle two: the new love blossoms 6″ x 6″ paper stack, pearls, and Love Blossoms embellishments kit. Gorgeous!

Prize bundle three: the new balloon Bouquet punch, with balloon celebration stamp set, and a package of note cards!


Prize bundle four contained our new precision base plate (for the bigshot) and our new big shot die brush, with a pack of pearls. ** I highly recommend this duo for any of our intricate dies like the rose garden thinlits dies, the Bloomin’ heart die, or our butterfly framelits!!

My fifth prize bundle featured the Bloomin’ love stamp set and Bloomin’ heart thinlits die bundle with a roll of our new blushing bride sequined trim!

Last, but not least, was the amazing new rose garden bundle with the rose wonder stamp set, and rose garden thinlits dies, with the gorgeous new Wink of Stella glitter brush in clear, my new favorite!

The prizes were AMAZING- all new products- and I think were a highlight of the evening!

Now here’s a look at how I set up my home for the event, moved some furniture and items around to fit 12 stampers comfortably:


We used buttons as our bingo chips! Everyone got to pick a roll of ribbon as a thank you gift for attending.

Laurie won the first prize bundle on our number bingo game!


Marilyn won the second game of bingo!


Kathy won the third game of number Bingo!

Tiffany won the fourth game- but we switched to “Stampin’ Up! Color Bingo- it was a game I made on a website where you could enter the information and it generated Bingo cards. (I admit, it was hard to find all those words!)

Laurie lucked out and won the 5th game of Stampin’ Up! Bingo!

And Patty won the 6th and final game of the night! Congratulations to everyone who won the Bingo games!

I forgot to take pictures of two other prizes- one was the Project Life bundle (album, card collection, refill pages, plus some ribbon, candy dots and mini bow clips)- this prize was won by Laurie also! (raffle tickets were given out for: bringing a snack, placing an order, and registering for future classes). Then, the last prize was a Stampin’ Up! gift certificate for all the extra bingo boards ($5 each). So 11 additional Bingo Boards were purchased, so the winner received a $55 Stampin’ Up! gift certificate- and unbelievably, Laurie won that as well! That’s right, if you’re counting- she won four of the eight prizes! (better go buy a lottery ticket Laurie!) Lucky indeed!


Last weekend when we reorganized my craft room, I realized that I had far too many little tchotchkes, so I dusted them off and decided to let the ladies pick one as an additional door prize for attending! So happy to see these go to a good home! Enjoy!

If my dining room was bigger, we would have all been in the same room, but it’s not, so I had to set up my living room as well.


Here are the four cards we made- I decided to keep them quick and simple, as I didn’t want people to have to get up/down and wanted a “stress free”, fun and quick stamping… wasn’t sure how long 6 games of Bingo would take. I think it worked out pretty well.  For those of you who attended, I would love to hear from you- what did you like, or not?? Feedback is so important to me, I want to continue offering FUN events!!


This beautiful scarf was on the floor of my coat closet- I found it this morning when I was putting my coats back in the closet. Let me know if it is yours. (It looks handmade- gorgeous!)

Whew, what a fun and busy night! We enjoyed yummy nacho dip, spicy delicious hummus and chips, mini smokies in bbq sauce, blackberry mustard dip and pretzels, butter pecan scotchies (homemade cookies), red velvet cake dip and cookies, veggies and dip, candy and chex mix! Perfect snacks for a fun night!

Well, does this look like fun to you?? If so, I’m planning another Bingo night in March- contact me for more details!

I’d love to hear from you- leave a comment, or ask a question, I treasure your comments!

Don’t forget if you’d like to place an order this weekend, please use Hostess Code PUPGYZ7Q I’m placing the order Sunday (tomorrow) 1/31 at 6 pm.

Thanks for stopping by today, have a super Saturday!!


Craft Room Makeover!

Hi there friends! I hope you had an awesome weekend! I’m not quite sure how I was so fortunate to be blessed with such terrific friends, do you ever wonder about that? It started a few months ago, some of my team mentioned they would be willing to help me reorganize my craft room. I was secretly terrified of where to begin… I had such piles and boxes and bags, I didn’t know where to begin, I mean I had to clean out before they came to help me… well finally in December they brought it up again and we picked a date- Saturday January 23rd. Amye, Tiffany and Laurie said they would spend the day helping me and they encouraged me to sort through things ahead of time to make it go smoother. I was slowly picking up some new bins and organizational storage, when I lucked out on New Year’s Day there was a sale on the Stamp-N-Storage website (10% off and Free Shipping!) so I picked out three new pieces that I had wanted for some time. I rented a canister from a local shredding company and have spent the past two weeks sorting through every desk drawer, file cabinet and numerous boxes of “stuff” I had all over my craft room/office. I did remember to take some pictures of the “before” and “after”.  So who are my angels who helped me? Amye Speirs, Tiffany Williams-Hart, and Laurie Kownack  I am so humbled by your generosity, your hard work, your talents and your stamina! 13 hours of sorting, cleaning, purging, organizing… I never dreamed we would accomplish the whole room in one day! Pinch me, I must be dreaming! Are you ready to take a peak at my craft room make-over??

First- I think it would be good to remember what this room looked like in the very beginning- the reason I bought this house in the first place, this is what it looked like in June 2009 (we painted the walls in “Certainly Celery”  and the ceilings were done in whisper white, wish I had gone ahead and painted the built-ins and shelves… my dad talked me out of it, but I think it would have really brightened up the space:

5139_96327201780_2657093_n 1625782_104734381780_8095631_n 1625782_104734386780_3050218_n 1625782_104734391780_2283717_n


Well, over the years I acquired more stuff, bought more stuff, and kept packing it all in this space. Lots of friends would give me things they no longer wanted, and I accepted it all. I had an area for kids crafts for my nieces and nephews and for my Girl Scouts- we do a lot of crafts! Anyway, I retired from my part-time job as a college adjunct professor in May and decided that it was time to purge all my old college materials, as well as decades of financial info and junk mail, (I have already started a new system, so it’s not even going to come up to the craft room).




My staff at work gave me a gift card at Christmas and I bought this lovely pine cabinet from my friend Amy at her shop, Bliss, before she closed up shop. I hope she reopens soon, I want to continue re-organizing the whole house, and I need more functional storage.



So this mess isn’t how it normally looked- the new storage cabinets arrived from Stamp-N-Storage and I was still purging.




I didn’t notice until I took this photo that I still had my autumn wreath up on the closet door…





This is the pile that gave me the hibbie-jibbies… so much stuff piled here on this table.




Another view of the pile… one bag away from hoarders, I was so disgusted with myself for letting it get to this point.


IMG_0045 IMG_0043


just. a. mess!




So many boxes and piles….





No joke, I don’t think I have seen the desk top in two years… how did I let it get so bad?


Another view of the “worst” corner.


Couldn’t even get to my stamps so I started keeping them out on the side.




Jumbo pile of Scrap paper… boxes and bags of scraps.




Chip board anyone? I have saved every piece- you never know when you’ll need it.




Boxes of cards, photos, embellishments, you name it…



A sky high pile of embossing powders, more scraps, tools galore. It would give me a headache to have to “clean up” to create a card. But no more. It is never going to look like that again!




Tiffany digging in and sorting all my endless supplies of paper…IMG_0192


Sorry this is blurry- but wanted you to see the corner where Amye spent several hours organizing all my stamp sets! With catalog in hand, she sorted current/retired!



Laurie started with some of my piles of chip-board. Honestly, why did I save every piece of chip-board from every Stampin’ Up! package of paper??



Progress in the works…IMG_0195



Knee Deep in Paper Pumpkin kits…



Almost done alphabetizing!




Next Tiff worked on my DIY craft supplies. IMG_0199


Since I’m still hobbling around on my broken foot, the girls would drag everything down to the kitchen/dining room for me. All of this stuff on the kitchen island is just scrap paper. Seven boxes/bags of scraps. just scraps. Never again will I save that many scraps!

I took the plunge and threw out a lot of “crap”… broken, torn, missing, crushed, ruined, or just no use for it anymore… the total count of garbage bags of crap that I threw away just this weekend: 16 garbage bags!! Whew, that felt good!!




Paper sorting carried over to Sunday- trying to get some good pieces to keep.


From all of this- probably about 50 pounds of scraps…




to just this one box!  The girls told me I could only keep this one grey box for scraps. So I sorted and kept the biggest pieces, have one bag of just whisper white, one of very vanilla, one baggie of card bases, and one of just miscellaneous extra card parts from previous classes.




I was so happy to find this missing punch and chalk marker at the bottom of the jumbo box of scraps!!




These two boxes of scraps are being donated to a friend who has a close friend who makes cards for the wounded warriers. I don’t know if she will want/need all this, but if it can help her at all, I’m glad to give it to her. I thought of saving it for a BOGO sale, but I’m weeks away from being able to carry heavy things in/out of the house. Not sure when the BOGO will be- maybe end of February- I have to go back to the Orthopedic on 2/22 to have my foot x-rayed again.


After months of daydreaming, weeks of planning, buying storage containers, purging, and sorting, and a marathon day with three hard working angels in disguise, are you ready for the awesome reveal???




Here is the All-New-Craft-Room:







I just love my new work-space- everything is within my fingertips!!




I was debating about whether to get rid of these gray embellishments storage (bought at K-Mart, years ago in their automotive section- it’s for nails, washers, etc.). Laurie worked so hard in this corner- organized all my envelopes, embellishments, bags, boxes, and frames in this area.


Laurie also organized my Paper Pumpkins, retired inks, retired markers and retired reinkers (I use these for my kids classes and kids events).



More hidden storage, that looks amazing now that it’s organized, thanks Tiff!



Tiffany also sorted my retired designer papers and 12″x 12″ papers- this is in one of the build-in cabinets.



My little Project Life corner- Memory Albums in the making- everything at my finger tips so I can whip up lots of albums for my family! (that 31-bag is full of photos).




I love having all my current stamps right next to me, thank you so much Amye for sorting and organizing them for me, and love all the “pretty” touches you made too! I love having them alphabetical by Annual Catalog and then the box of Occasions with Sale-a-bration right next to them, so convenient! Thanks a million!!




Tiffany organized my punches- look how awesome they look in this storage container! My friend/neighbor Marilyn gave this to me years ago- I love having it here and it is perfect for my punches! And all my embellishments are in the new bins. Thanks Laurie!




Here are all my retired stamps, Amye sorted them all and they are in alphabetical order… I didn’t have any bookends, so Amye taped them up with painters tape… hope to find the old-fashioned metal ones somewhere this week.



This is what I’m on the hunt for- I need 3 of these- if you know where I can find some (cheap) please let me know! thanks!




This 12″ x 12″ paper tower storage holds all my current Designer Series Paper (DSP), and specialty 12″ x 12″ papers. Love it Tiff, you did a great job!!




I can see my desk tops! It’s a miracle! I do want to work on the bulletin boards and “neaten” that area up some more.




This is the new “kids crafts” area- I need to put some stamps still over there and need to tweak this area a little bit, but don’t you just love all the white and pink bins, and notice the burlap bins on the bottom? All from Target!



Nice clean tables and without all the clutter it feels so big up here now.




Still have a little work to do next to my desk, but I’m on a roll- can’t wait to get it all done!




Current catalogs, order forms, box of Occasions and Sale-a-bration card samples. The striped box is the Tin of Cards kit and the white box is full of technique cards.




So the top of this file cabinet was full of empty jars, and some dust, and I washed everything down today and put some of my retired ribbon inside. What do you think? (can you tell what my favorite channel is? I had House Hunters tropical edition on while I sorted ribbon).



There’s one new thing here that I finished up yesterday- can you spot it?


I purchased the 60 combo Marker, Ink Pad and Reinker Storage, the Corner Shelf, the Six-Drawer Storage and some kickstands, raise everything up so I have additions surface space, perfect for my paper trimmer, my stampin’ scrub, and a few other items I need right next to me, here’s their link. They have free shipping going on again, on orders over $80. I highly recommend their products!! here is a link:


Well, what do you think of my Craft Room Make-Over? I would love to hear your comments! Any tips for how to keep it this clean and organized? I welcome all your input! I still have the craft room closet to tackle, but I’ll need some built-in shelves for inside there, it’s just a jumbo walk-in space. But I will get it done this year. Promise!

I hope you have a great day! Kinda glad no one signed up for my Stamp-a-Stack tonight as I need to get ready for my team get-together tomorrow night and BINGO event this Friday.  So if you see Amye, Tiffany or Laurie- congratulate them on their hard work! Aren’t they amazing?!?!!! I’m blessed indeed. Thanks for stopping by to read my blog today! Stop back on Wednesday when I’ll have lots of card samples to share with you all!


If you are thinking of ordering anything this month, please use Hostess Code: BAMUEFYP (unless your order is $150 or more, then don’t use the hostess code- you will earn your own rewards for your order). 

~Lynn Streifert

Independent Demonstrator, Stampin’ Up!

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Lots of Love! Stampin’ Friends Blog Hop! 


Hello! Welcome to the Stampin Friends New 2016 Blog Hop! I was so thrilled to be selected to be a part of this wonderful blog hop! You are not going to believe the talent from these Stampin Friends! (we are a group on Facebook as well- check us out if you want more inspiration!) If you arrived from Kathie’s Blog, thank you for continuing with the hop! Don’t forget to click the “Next Button” below to check out Siara’s amazing creations. PLUS, keep reading for a chance to win a bunch of new crafty presents!  Also this month we are excited to have three Awesome Guest Hoppers that you should definitely check out:

1. Siara Acdal

2. Steph Jandrow

3. Mandy Reedyk


This month our theme is “Lots of Love!” Well, I don’t know about you, but that has me thinking of Valentine’s Day and sharing some hand-made cards and gifts with the ones I love. I hope you like my projects! Did you notice one of Stampin’ Up!’s newest stamp sets in the 2016 Occasions Catalog called “Beautiful Ride”? The second I saw this stamp set, I just knew I needed it, I had a total flashback to all the old Herbie movies by Disney. Remember watching “Wonderful World of Disney” on Sunday nights?



Of course one of my favorite “Herbie” movies was Herbie Fully Loaded, with Lindsay Lohan in 2005 (it feels like just last year- not 11 years ago I saw this with my niece).



I have been a huge Disney fan all my life, and so are my nieces and nephews. So I thought they would love a Herbie valentine card and gift card holder.



I used so many new Stampin’ Up! products for these two projects, there is a complete supply list of everything down at the bottom of the page.



I used a retired stamp for the “happy valentine’s day” sentiment- remember “Good Greetings” from last year? Well, it was too big to fit in the washi label punch- so I “extended” it- by slipping in the paper you can trim the ends and get the same washi label look.


Since Herbie the love bug was a pale yellow (remember “barely banana”? that would have been a perfect color to match the original Herbie).  I used So Saffron and fussy cut the car out. Colored the wheels in with my black stampin’ write marker. Notice the shimmer on the windows? That is my new favorite – the Wink of Stella glimmer pen (clear). I just love how instantly it makes everything sparkle- and NO DRYING time! Love IT!!



When I got the card to this point I wondered how to enhance it- so I stepped it up a bit:



What do you think of this version?



Had to decorate the inside! love the stamps in the new “Going Global” stamp set! Perfect for Valentine’s day.



Custom insert to hold a gift card, for inside the Mini Treat Bag.




Well, that is my contribution to the January edition of the Stampin Friends Blog Hop. What do you think?




WAIT! There’s more! Do you love crafty supplies?!?  If so, comment with the hashtag #‎SFJanHop‬ here on my blog.  One lucky commenter will win an awesome crafty present from every blogger! You can enter by commenting once on every blog hop post. That means you have 15 chances to win 15 crafty prizes!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today!! Would you please leave me a comment? (I like to hear about YOU, where you’re from, what did you like about my projects, or feedback always helps too!) If you’re ready to go check out Siara Acdal’s post, click the “next” button here:




and if you want to go back to check out Kathie Rotti’s post- click the “previous” button here:



If, for some reason the buttons don’t work and you want to hop around all 15 sites, here is the complete list of all the blogs:

Name — Link

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I just received my January kits this month (I always order 3 kits each month)- can’t wait to play with these fun Valentines!

If you are thinking of ordering anything this month, please use Hostess Code: BAMUEFYP (unless your order is $150 or more, then don’t use the hostess code- you will earn your own rewards for your order). 

~Lynn Streifert

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Creative Inking Blog Hop- Love is All Around

creative hop


Hi everyone, thank you so much for stopping here on our monthly Creative Inking Blog Hop! I’m so thrilled to be included in this talented group of ladies, every month I am so inspired by all of their creations and I hope you are too! This month our theme is “love is in the air”. I knew what I wanted to make and I went to get the sentiment “love you” out of the stamp case and it was missing, 😥. We used it at my Monday night monthly club last week, and I sure am hoping it turns up.

I just adore our new stamp set called “Bloomin’ Love”… I used our watercolor paper and white embossing powder, then did a watercolor wash with rose red reinker, and can you see the shimmer? That is our new Wink of Stella brush that really adds a sparkle to your lettering or stamped projects  (it comes in shimmer clear or gold-I use the shimmer clear on this card).

Of course this card was a breeze with our new mini stack of paper called Love Blossoms,  there are 48 pieces of paper in this pad and I just love the color schemes!

The finishing touch was the tiny heart punched out of our new blushing bride glimmer paper.

What do you think? I would love to hear your comments. Thank you so much for stopping by today!

Click the “next” button to hop over to the amazing Phyllis Shepherd’s blog- can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve!
creative hop2


or to hop back to the awesome Colleen Vassos, click the “prior” button:


creative hop 3


All products are from the amazing new 2016 Occasions Catalog! If you’re new to Stampin’ Up! be sure to check out our fantastic Sale-A-Bration catalog! It’s our Annual Customer Appreciation Time! for every $50 you order (before tax/shipping), you can pick an item from the exclusive catalog- check out the links on my side-bar on the left- (or if you’re reading this from a mobile device- scroll to the bottom). Please use Hostess Code: BAMUEFYP when you check out, thanks! Let me know if you have any questions!

Have an awesome day! And thanks again for stopping by today!






Lynn Streifert

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Now offering a variety of stamping events such as a Sip & Stamp Party, Workshops and Classes offered in your home or mine featuring: Project Life/Memory Keeping- aka scrapbooking (paper and digital), card making, paper crafting, Big Shot die cuts (by Sizzix), and a variety of 3D objects and gift items. Think of me for Birthday Parties, Kid Crafts, baby and bridal showers, weddings, and special anniversaries or parties where you need customized invitations or decorations!

We Create Blog Hop-January 2016



Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday! The Stampin’ Up! demonstrators in the “We Create Blog Hop” are back for another round of amazing inspiration for you all.. Bonus- today is the day the NEW 2016 Occasions Catalog and Sale-a-Bration Catalogs both launch! How fun to create using all new products! Another perk of being a demonstrator- I’ve received my products in early December  and made my December birthday cards with the all new adorable birthday suites. Want to see what I made for my nephew’s birthday on Sunday?

In this blog hop we do one project and then another version is “stepped up”, this time I started Blake’s birthday card and thought I was done, but realized the other day I could use this to showcase a “stepped up” version of a birthday card:



So I decided on the new jumbo pack of Designer Series Paper called “It’s My Party” (48 pages of 12″ x 12″) item #140552


I knew I was going to put 10 candles on his cake- so easy with the new mini punch trio called “Party Punch Pack” (YES- it’s a bundle with the stamp set I used!) I love that they have a balloon, cupcake and candle punch! To create the realistic candle- you know with a yellow flame- it is impossible to put these tiny pieces together with anything else… only the new Fine-tip glue pen did the job!



Here was my first version of Blake’s birthday card… This stamp set is called “Party Wishes” and is just fabulous!  It is part of the new birthday suite called “It’s My Party!” and I LOVE how everything coordinates!!



I knew I could “Step it up” some more, so I went to work and added the number 10 from the new stamp set called “Number of Years” which is an awesome photopolymer stamp set- so easy to see through and stamp. Then it is die-cut with the new “Large Numbers Framelits” these dies are expected to be a huge seller- you might want to order these today before they go on back order- I guess Stampin’ Up! didn’t realize how popular they would be amongst demonstrators.





I also decided to “step it up” some more, and added a balloon from the new SaleABration set called Honeycomb Happiness. This is an adorable set- but the honeycombs are also expected to be backordered soon- so if you love it, hurry and order it today!



Since the honeycomb would become flattened inside an envelope, I decided to design a gift bag to hold his card and gift card together…. love the new “Hello” limited time SaleABration item (this stamp set is only available until February 15th, 2016).




I had to decorate the inside… love those balloons again! So what do you think? I hope you like it! Thank you so much for visiting my blog today, if you’re ready to hop over to Julie’s blog to see what she created, go ahead and click the “next” button below. If you need the supply list or a link to the catalogs, scroll down as I put all that info at the bottom of this post. Thanks so much, have an awesome day!

~Lynn Streifert, Independent Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator


Blog Hop Next blog


Here is a link to the new 2016 Occasions Catalog:



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I hope to have my widgets (those cute buttons on the side bar of my blog) all updated by tonight- I didn’t want you to wait to see the new stuff! If you’d like a paper catalog- let me know, I’m happy to mail them out to you.  Also- one more thing- I have an opening in my Monday night clubs- we start up for another round on January 11th at 6:30 pm. Contact me if you’d like more info. Thanks!



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