Stampin Up

Good News!

Hi Friends!

My sister’s surgery went well yesterday, of course she’s dealing with pain, but what a trooper she is. Hope she can get discharged tomorrow and come home and rest, nothing like your own environment for the long recovery ahead. Thanks for your kind words, thoughts and prayers. I cancelled all my activities this week to help with my niece and nephew. They are doing really well with all of the changes.

In other good news my oldest niece’s surgery went well today. Poor kid tonsils and adenoids removed, not easy for an 18 year old. Lots of slushies and pain pills for the next few days. I’m thinking our Thanksgiving we’ll have lots of soft foods next week.

It was a pleasant surprise to have my new blog cover arrive! I had custom ordered some work back in April, (my birthday present to myself was a blog “facelift”) and that’s how talented and in demand Veronica is, she had oodles of customers ahead of me. In the next few days I’m going to add the buttons and watermarks and clean up the blog a little bit. What do you think of my little owl, sitting in the palm of hand?? How cute??





A few people asked me what we’ll be making on the 24th at my last Stamp-a-Stack… I’m not 100% sure yet, it will be awesome and super don’t worry! If you have a stamp set you’d like to see me use for this class, let me know. I have 2 spots left, would like to know by Friday 11/21. thanks!

Thank you for visiting today, and hope to show you some cards soon.



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