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Lake Luzerne Crafty Get-Away

This was our 2nd Annual Lake Luzerne Lynnzcrafters Team Crafty Weekend Get-Away. Wow, there are not enough words to describe the fun, friendship, creativity and joy that we experienced. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, well here’s a few of my favorites from the weekend:



Sheila started her Halloween Wreath!



Wendy made the Halloween card I brought up for a Make and Take.



Amye and Tiffany hamming it up 🙂




Jamie sneaking into the pulled pork deliciousness, good thing I caught her!





This is what a “Crafternoon” looks like, or should I call it “Craftermath”???




Amye’s Make and Take a fun fall card.



Tiffany’s Make and Take, how cute using the cupcake punch for a rain cloud???




Loved this card in a box Amye made using the Holiday Home set! So adorable!



Jamie’s Make and Take, this ornament is so fun to color!!




Sheila’s Make and Take, I can’t believe I hadn’t thought to cut those little flags out, it really was easy!




Tiffany’s masterpiece with Visions of Santa stamp set, I meant to make a card or two (I like the moose in that set the most).



Wendy’s card in a box using Visions of Santa. Lots of fussy cutting here.




Tiffany made this card for a friend (I hope I’m not spoiling it here on my blog!!)



Oodles of talent here, right??



This was just what we accomplished on Saturday! Wowza!!



As you can see I lounged in my pj’s most of the day (only when I started having hot flashes did I take off the flannel pj’s for capris.




This was my other Make and Take project- a fall framed art piece- love those little wooden cutouts!


We had a beautiful weekend and I can’t wait to go back. My friend who owns the cottage, also named Wendy, is generously letting us come back up in April! YIPPEEE!!! I can’t wait to plan that weekend of fun! Everyone took a meal and brought up some fun snacks too. I feel so blessed that these awesome women are on my team! We missed our stamping sisters who couldn’t join us, but we were thinking of you and all your family activities, hoping that all went well for you!

Well thanks so much for stopping by my blog today, there are a few more pictures to show of some things that I made, but I’m going to wait and show you as they are related to some upcoming classes and events that I have coming up.

I would LOVE to read your comments, have you ever been to Lake Luzerne? What would you do on a crafty weekend get-away? Would you like to come in the spring?? Join my team and you can come with us!

Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Lake Luzerne Crafty Get-Away”

  1. Yes, I’ve been to Lake Luzerne. Beautiful place and some beautiful people live there!
    On a crafty weekend get-away I would craft, enjoy being with friends and enjoy the beautiful scenery. I’d love to come in the spring, but for some reason, I’m not able to join your team- could I come for a brief visit? That may be the only opportunity I get to see “busy you” till then- or will I see you in Orlando? Made my flight reservations today!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Val, you are welcome to come for a visit, of course! I am not sure about Leadership yet, I’m trying to see when the college has scheduled my class for the spring semester,. I’m hoping it all works out, thanks so much! 🙂


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