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New Logo- What do YOU think?

I have been on a very long wait list for a new blog header, I made the Melon Mambo one at the top of this blog page myself almost 18 months ago using My Digital Studio (MDS) and it was okay at first, but I’m ready for something new.

I happened to mention that to an old friend from high school at an event we were both at together, and he introduced me to his teenage son, who happens to be a design whiz kid! Andrew came up with this new logo design for me and I wanted to know what you all think? Should this new owl replace my blog header? or should I just use it to “sign off” at the end of each blog post that you read here? Decisions, decisions!


Thanks for any input- and hey- if you have need for any graphic design, let me know- I can refer Andrew to you (or you to him) he does great work and is very reasonable.



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