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I Love Meeting New People!

I was so blessed to be invited to participate in a wonderful Vendor Event on Saturday at Bella Nani Salon and Spa on Saturday, owned by my dear old friend from high school, Kimberly Krizan. It was such a glorious day, we had perfect weather, lots of awesome crafts and products, yummy hot dog and lemonade stand, terrific music and awesome people came to visit and shop!




I was in the little basement office area, which was ground level with the backyard where the other vendors were. I shared the space with Jan, with Party Lite Candles.



This was my Make-and-Take area, and a very popular spot for all the children, they loved coming to make their own versions of cards- that’s one of the reasons I love to do crafts with children, they don’t need a sample, they are free to just create!




It was so funny to run into Deb, an Ambit consultant- did you know that I am also an Ambit Consultant too? If you want to save money on your money energy bill, I can totally help you out. OR if you’re interested in learning how to make some residual income from Ambit Energy, let me know- I’m happy to help you earn or save money! I’ve been with Ambit for 5 years now. I love it!





This is Sarah, she does an awesome job with her Pure Romance booth! How cute is she? She’s also the organizer of the big Holiday One-Stop Shopping Event on Sunday November 30th in Saratoga- and I’m thrilled to say I’ll be there with my Stampin’ Up! Booth! Mark your calendars!!








The hand made metal jewelry was really amazing!



this artist, Kendra Farstad, is so talented- she paints, crochets, makes jewelry- her work is just beautiful!



This booth sure smelled good!




Melissa’s booth with her Sush Shoes!





I had never heard of Isagenix before, have you?




The beautiful Stella and Dot jewelry line and Chelsea’s booth- did you know it is adjustable and almost every piece can be transformed into other styles? I had no idea!




This is Ruth- and she had a Mary Kay Cosmetics booth, did you know that I was a Mary Kay Lady in my youth?? Yup, I had a pink suit and wore all MK products!




This is my friend Wendy- we have know each other since 1979 (we were homeroom buddies in high school) and she is so amazing and did Reiki, I highly recommend you try it!! It can be life changing!






This is another good friend from my alma mater, Vanessa, and she sells Miche purses! (I seriously love these bags and have dozens of them!)




Aren’t 31 Bags just terrific?? I think almost every vendor there had at least one of these bags, seriously! The totes are amazing! This is Erika, she has been selling 31 for about 1 year she told me! So nice!



Here is the lovely salon owner, Kimberly. Didn’t she do an awesome job with the marketing and signage?




This is Sherry- the Avon Lady, ding dong! (remember that commercial??)



Here is Donna, she is a real sweetie and just starting selling Plexus Slim (the pink drink) I tried some, it was yummy! She is the daughter of my friend Kathleen, also from good old BHBL!




Here is Kathleen, she is an amazing runner and just moved up to NY from Tennessee last year. She’s selling Jamberry nail wraps, how fun?



Each vendor donated a raffle item and all the guests who came to visit got to fill out a raffle entry! I can’t wait to hear from the person who won my prize! I gave a Free Class Pass to one of my card making events, with a Banner kit, buttons and mini clothespins!




Here is Aydia, Kimberly’s daughter, who sold lemonade and hot dogs- it was my lunch!




Here is Jan with her Party Lite candles- and they have some beautiful new candle holders and candle warmers, just lovely!


This was me with my booth, what do you think?




My friends from high school, Tearle and Desiree, had a fun toy booth, Tearle has been collecting GI Joes and other action figures for decades, he has some real treasures.




The music was spectacular and a very nice addition to the event!

IMG_0640 IMG_0642


Two of my happy customers! Their mom, Katie, was doing chair massages (sorry I didn’t get a photo of that!).

Do you know what I would love to know- if you were to come visit my booth, what would you hope I was selling (another way to ask- what would you be interested in buying??) I try to do one Craft Fair/Vendor Fair a month, and have several in the fall I’m considering.

thanks for stopping by to read my blog today, I hope you have an awesome day!




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