Paper Pumpkin, Stampin Up

Spoiler Alert- for this month’s Paper Pumpkin!

Hi there friends- Are You Crafty? Do you wish you had the supplies to make a quick project? How about a 30 minute creative escape?? Well, I just love my monthly Paper Pumpkin craft kit that comes directly to me each month, no work, just assemble and done! Tonight, I just got a peek at June’s Paper Pumpkin kit! Oooo, you’re gonna love it! Not cards! Not a scrapbook project! It is a totally awesome Fourth of July decorating kit, or fun projects for you or the kids at your holiday celebration, your Sunday School class, day care providers. Why? Because there are 24 of them in the kit! And EVERYTHING you need to make it.

Go RIGHT NOW to and order the june kit. Be sure to type in my name, Lynn Streifert, Glenville New York as your demonstrator. OR if you don’t want to deal with creating an account and ordering online- call me up to 10 pm tonight (my phone number is 518-399-4321) and we can do a 3, 6, or 12 month prepaid subscription (you’d be totally helping me earn free stamps too, so uber thanks for that!). Did I mention how cute PINWHEELS are for picnic and festive decorations?


On the video we watched tonight, they showed how you could easily turn the pinwheels into a festive patriotic banner (think dress up the office cubicle at work, or on your mantle with your 4th of July décor), also they used the included stamps to make cards and gifts because the kit this month also comes with 24 cello bags- wowza- maybe you need more of 24?? Well, if you want to go in and increase your quantity in your paper pumpkin account, to get more of these cuties, you only have until midnight tonight.

That’s not all, as a special thank you- all my friends/family who subscribe and receive Paper Pumpkin from  me are going to receive an awesome clear case with a paper pumpkin insert, so you can organize your stamps and ink spots (unless you want to keep them in your orange boxes, then you can use this case for something else!) I can’t wait to give you this reward! AND I have a lot of great ideas for a summer paper pumpkin party- I am going to work on scheduling it soon- I’m not going to wait until September as I have so many new subscribers, and I want to thank you all!



Be sure to let me know if you have any questions- and I hope I didn’t spoil the surprise for anyone- I can’t wait for mine to arrive, it is so stinkin’ cute!!

thanks for visiting!



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