Simply Sketched

What a Week!

Hi Friends!

Ever had one of those weeks where you don’t know how you made it through? Work, stress, stomach bug, projects galore, lots of stamping events this weekend so lots of prep…. well I didn’t let any of that halt my new healthy weight loss efforts… still walking every morning and eating lots of fruits and veggies (and NO sweets!) you heard me, no sweets. That is by far the hardest part of my 12 week weight loss program I am following, because my sweet tooth and I have been best friends for oh, 48 years I would say…. if you have any tried and true weight loss tips, good recipes or encouragement- feel free to leave me a comment- this blog doesn’t have to be just about stamping and crafting.

Tomorrow is our big kick off to the Holiday Catalog- we are having a Holiday Stamp Camp in Clifton Park. Just finished all my prep, cutting, scoring and bagging up all the pieces. Fun, fun. I will post photos tomorrow night of all those projects.

Then I have club on Saturday morning and Monday night, and I have a workshop on Saturday night. Off to finish prepping for it. What do you think of these two cards? I think the hostess, Patty, will like them- she asked for a watercolor technique, so I was playing around. This stamp set is a hostess set called “Simply Sketched”.

simply sketched


simply sketched3


That’s all for tonight, hope you are well.

thanks for reading my blog, I really appreciate it!!



1 thought on “What a Week!”

  1. So glad you survived the week! I know I always feel better if I get in a walk or bike ride. My vice isn’t sweet… It’s salty! The saltier the better. : ) Wish I could make it to tomorrow night’s event. Have fun! Very much looking forward to club on Saturday. And I love, love, love your black and white watercolored card! Amazing as always. Feel better and keep plugging along!


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