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A Few of My Favorites from SU Retired List…


Hi there stampers!

Did you check out my post from this morning with the retired list? Well, I had time to glance at it while eating my lunch, and sniff, two of my favorite sets are on the hit list, I mean retired list.

Artistic Etchings is featured in the card above and here is a card made with Established Elegance:


As I go through the list and find more favorites, I’ll be sure to post them here on my blog.

WHAT is YOUR favorite set that is retiring??? Leave me a comment… would love to know what you are going to miss the most!

The winner of the Dress Framelits give-away is Amy DeBiase… I’ll be dropping your winnings off at your wonderful store (Bliss Gifts and Home Decor on Jay Street in Schenectady! Stop by, it’s really wonderful!)

Thanks for reading my blog!

Until tomorrow, happy stamping!

Lynn Streifert

4 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorites from SU Retired List…”

  1. Oh yay! I didn’t even know I was in the running to win anything!! Plus I never win anything so I am very excited!!! However, if Stamping Up is retiring my two favorite sets, what will I order repeatedly (even though I already have them) from now on?!?!? Lol. So sad to see those two go! I hope they replace them with something similar but even more fantastic!!! Thanks for a nice time last night Lynn. I came home and admired all my beautiful cards!! T thought I did a nice job, she’s still a little cranky about not being there but she lightened up when I told her about the mother daughter class! Xoxo❤


    1. Hi Amy, I entered everyone from the dress class, with all my online orders, so you had a 1 in 10 chance to win! I will drop it off to you at Bliss tomorrow! Now we need to get you a big shot! Maybe you’ll want to use your hostess credits to get it at a discount? We can talk.


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