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Earn the Stampin’ Up! Starter Kit for Free!

Have you been considering coming over to the dark side–I mean the demo side? Is money the only thing holding you back? Well, yeah, Lynn, you might say, it’s the “only” thing–but it’s a big thing for me!
For a lot of us, even the low Starter Kit price of $99 bucks and free shipping is hard to spare right now. If we could spread it out a bit, it might happen, but not all in one whack! If that’s the case, I have a little math for you to ponder today.
Yes, math… I know, I know!! But this is easy math. FUN math–and yes there is such a thing!
Follow me! Right this way, please:
1. $100 is the Instant Income from just one $500 workshop.
2. Say you were to host a party together with me, and it hit $500.
3. We sign up you up and you put the Starter Kit on your credit card.
4. You are instantly a brand new Stampin’ Up Demonstrator.
5. We enter the orders from your party under your name.
6. You pay off the Starter Kit on your credit card with the $100 you just earned.
I know—beyond awesome! But wait–there’s more!
1. You get to pick out $156.50 worth of product in the Starter Kit for just $99 plus tax (no shipping).
2. You’re still the hostess for that party even though you’re now the demonstrator, too–so pick out your hostess freebies and your incredible Sale A Bration rewards.
3. Your quarterly minimum of $300 is met so you’ll be active all the way through June 2013.
4. You get all the perks of preordering, demo-only forums and galleries, magazine and more.
5. You are halfway to promoting to Senior Associate already.
6. You will be earning a Volume Rebate for selling more than $400 for the month, an additional 5% of your total sales that is direct deposited into your checking account the following month.
7. You have me as your totally awesome upline and mentor.
But wait, you say–how come I get the sales if YOU did the party?
The answer is simple–you’re going to do the work!
Before the show, you and I will meet and decide on the Make N Takes and prep three super cute projects your friends will love. I’ll spot you the cardstock and supplies as my welcome gift to you. We’ll brainstorm on the best ways to get the maximum number of guests there so your party is likely to hit that magic $500.
At the show, you’ll help me set up (I’ll let you wear my black Stampin’ Up apron) and you’ll walk everyone through the cards with my help (if you even need it!). I’ll handle the catalog tour and telling them about the specials and you can observe.
After the show, I’ll total the orders while you serve the snacks and chat with your friends. If any of them are interested in helping you out by hosting a party themselves, we’ll put them on your calendar. You can pay me back for any catalogs or hostess packet materials out of your own kit when it comes.
Sound like something that really ought to be tried? It is.
You have nothing to lose.
After all, if your party doesn’t hit $500:
1. You can just be the hostess like you normally would, and earn hostess goodies and Sale A Bration rewards as usual.
2. We still had a super fun night stamping with your girlfriends.
3. I’m not out anything that I wouldn’t normally be out from any party.
4. You could still sign up as a demo and just pay whatever portion of the Starter Kit isn’t covered, or ask your family to consider that your birthday or anniversary gift.
5. We don’t have to tell anyone we are trying to get your Starter Kit for free unless you want to.
When I type it all out for you like this, it almost takes my breath away, how incredibly wonderful this opportunity is, especially right now with Sale- A- Bration making the Starter kit an even better deal than it has EVER been. I hope you do give me a call.
Because this could be the day you did something amazing.
And it cost you nothing but a little dreaming.
Do you dare?

if you’re ready, contact me and I can help you sign up, OR if you’re very brave, just head over to my online store/website at and click “join now”. You will need to enter your personal information on our secure website and sign the Demonstrator Agreement. *I am happy to help you if you need it! And remember the Starter Kit Special ($156 products for only $99) is only available through March 22, 2013.

It’s only day three of blogging and I’m excited about future topics to discuss here. Thanks for reading, and until tomorrow- Happy Stamping!!

~Lynn Streifert

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